Richard Liley



STATEMENT My paintings and constructions are part of a constant process of research which is concerned with depicting space (real and illusory), framing, repetition, ambiguity, dynamism and colour. I have recently began to reveal , conceal, substitute and destroy imagery in an effort to produce a contemporary realization of the palimpsest.


Richard Liley BA (Hons), FRSA, RTS Trained at the Hertfordshire college of Art & Design, St. Albans and at Reading University, studying Painting and Art History under Sir Terry Frost ( St. Ives School) and Neil MacGregor (Director of the British Museum). Richard Currently runs a Tuition business and he is also a Course Leader for the Open College of the Arts. Richard has exhibited work regularly, taking part in numerous exhibitions in Sussex including the Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne, Planahead Gallery Eastbourne, Stables Art Gallery, Hastings, Farley Farm Gallery, Farley Farm Trust (the Lee Miller collection and home of Sir Roland Penrose) in Chiddingly, Lewes and at the Thebes Gallery in Lewes. Richard was elected Chairman of the Eastbourne Group of Contemporary Artists, a group which consists of about fifty artists across Sussex in 2004 . Richard has a teaching studio in Eastbourne and has just been invited to join the Barbican Arts Group , Hertford Road studios (starting 1st September 2010) near Haggerston Station, London and will be taking part in the Open exhibitions.

Exhibition History

December 2013Open Studios Barbican Artists Trust group Hertford Road
October 2012Open Studios Exhibition , Barbican Artists Trust group, Hertford Road,
October 2011Open Studios Exhibition , Barbican Artists Trust group, Hertford Road,
September 2009Royal Glasgow Institute Exhibition, Argyll
August 2007Thebes Gallery Lewes
July 2006Farley Farm Trust Gallery exhibition, Chiddingly
May 2006Staples Theatre Gallery exhibition
September 2006Open College of the Arts Tutors Exhibition, Barnsley
August 2005Brighton Fringe exhibition
September 2004Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
(New exhibition)4 -16th April 2008Esprit Exhibition, Eastbourne Group of Contemporary Artists, The Arts Forum 36 Marina St Leonards-on-sea